Exercises and Studies recommended by Louis Plaidy

Louis Plaidy (1810-1874) - Technische Studien für das Pianofortespiel (Technical Studies for the Piano, 1852). Augmented by Karl Klauser. Based on the third German edition. New York: G. Schirmer (1875); p. 85. The Pianoforte Teacher's Guide, translated by Fanny Raymond Ritter. London: W. Reeves (1882); pp. 45-46.

Technical Studies for the Piano. Chapter Sixth. Practice of Exercises and Larger Works. I. Their Order

On the supposition that the player has already accomplished the first steps of Pianoforte-playing, we here give a list of exercises which, of course, can be only partially arranged according to their increasing difficulties.


The more skillful and advanced player may omit several of these works, and confine himself to those of Czerny, Cramer, Clementi, and Moscheles. For those less accomplished, the teacher must select the most appropriate works from the above list, or even single studies, so as to direct his pupils to the practice of those branches of technical studies in which they are most deficient.

The second list (B) is intended for those who have overcome, for the most part, mechanical difficulties, and can give their attention to the musical sense of these compositions, and the finished rendering which they require. A progressive order is her still less possible.


Advanced players may also give some attention to the studies of Döhler, Liszt, Thalberg, and other virtuosi. Robert Schumann has arranged Paganini's Violin Caprices (Op. 3 and 10) for the Pianoforte, in a very interesting manner, in order to give the player an opportunity of rendering the peculiarities of violin-passages upon the Pianoforte.

The Pianoforte Teacher's Guide. List of Études.